Ian Renaud

Spiritual Teacher

"To enjoy more of life, BE at peace!" ❤️

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I have a dream

I have a dream that one day all people will live in peace. Harmony will reign upon and inside us. Freedom will be felt by all.I have a dream that one day all of us will feel safe, physically and emotionally. We will accept each other for who we are, and build relationships based on trust and respect. We will communicate openly and authentically. We will let ourselves be guided by our own intuition for the better. We will forever feel the connection between all of us, as humans.I have a dream that one day all of us will unite to build a better world where preserving our essential resources is a natural commitment, where sharing the wealth equally is an obvious choice, and where borders are not defining limits but simple geographical references.I have a dream that one day each one of us will take on the responsibility to build our own part of heaven on earth, starting with addressing what is ailing us to heal it, and multiplying what is inspiring us to grow it.This is my dream. And it is with complete faith that we, as the human race, can accomplish this that I advance, one step at a time, in this life.That’s why i do what i do. Knowing that I can contribute to this dream in my own way by showing up as the best person I can be, I feel accomplished and fulfilled.

“You may say I’m a dreamer
but I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us
and the world will be as one.”
— John Lennon

what i do

As a spiritual teacher, I inspire people to consciously deepen their inner peace so that they enjoy more of life. I create invitations to guide participants on the path to inner peace along their individual journey. Sometimes it's a meditation, sometimes a live class or online seminar. Whatever feels right at the moment, while hoping it will resonate with you enough so that you come along for the learning, self-discovery and growth.

my approach

Through the first decade of my coaching career, I noticed - personally and professionally - that we do better when adopting a holistic approach to growth and life (vs focusing all our resources on a single objective). So i decided to create my own method to progress on the journey to success, fulfillment, happiness and love. The S.A.D.H.A.N.A. Approach was created in 2015, proving its effectiveness ever since.

be at peace

Based on the seven main chakras of the body, the S.A.D.H.A.N.A. Approach holistically guides you on "how" to go deep on your path (vs "what" to do) so it can be applied to any outcome you might desire. Each element of the approach has a path to follow, and a state to strive for, giving you a complete formula to confidently and consistently make progress towards a deeper inner peace.

the chit show

Every Sunday, at 7pm EST, I go live on Youtube to explore various subjects directly related to the show's motto - consciously deepening our inner peace."Chit" - better known as the middle part of the mantra "sat chit ananda" - means consciousness in Sanskrit. It refers to our Self that is aware of what is, from where our existence is shaped into blissfulness via decisions and conscious actions.That's what the show is about - deep diving into our own awareness, as conscious beings, and taking actions that support us on our path towards inner peace.I hope it resonates with you.Namaste my Friend 🙏

The Chit Show is hosted on my Youtube channel, where I offer various videos in extra - from meditations to guided exercises, inspiring quotes and more. I invite you to check it out and indulge in what resonates. Feel free to share those videos with others, leave a comment, and send me a request to cover a specific topic, I am listening.

my invitations

Enrol in what resonates. Share what you are called to.

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